Nurture Thyself

love-potion-slide2-5I have come to learn the dire importance of nurturing thyself. It’s an act that most individuals seem to overlook. By definition, to ‘nurture’ means to ‘care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing; help or encourage the development of; cherish (a belief, hope or dream’. Now, considering these 3 primary verbal definitions,  the key words in the first part is to ‘care for & protect’. Most of us tend to nurture outside of ourselves. That’s what seems most natural. But what about nurturing inside of ourselves? Whether it be through spiritual practices or healthy eating of life-nourishing foods, our internal selves need as much, if not more, nurturing than our external.

I have been on my spiritual journey since about May 2015, and it hasn’t been an easy one. Obstacles and challenges galore. But what has helped ground me along the way is nurturing myself. One way I’ve done so has been by communing in nature. Going to a park & sitting under a tree. Going on a hike. Sitting in the sand at the beach, allowing the waves to crash at my feet. Also, taking a bath. Of all the external nurturing factors, taking a bath and meditating/quieting my mind while just BEING in the moment has been most beneficial. The fact that water as an element is cleansing (and nurturing) is one aspect. But the serenity of allowing that time for just myself to rejuvenate, has allowed me to bring my best version of Self to the forefront, so I can be the best Mother, Daughter, Friend, Companion, Employee, Stranger that I can possibly be.

Peace, Love & Light always🙏 ✨✨✨

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