Follow the Signs

bumble-bee.jpgAs I was driving into work the other morning, I had a little companion hitch a ride with me along the way. I turned to my left rearview mirror to see a bumblebee land & attach itself. It moved around, as if to make itself comfortable, and proceeded to just….relax LOL. I looked at the bumblebee with a peaceful grin, knowing within that its presence was ‘sign from the Universe’, as I like to consider it. Let me take a moment to explain that concept to you.

Most may have heard that phrase before yet not put much thought to it. That phrase didn’t register in my mind until I began my spiritual journey in May 2015, shortly after reading ‘The Alchemist’ by Paolo Coehlo (AMAZING BOOK that I will write about separately). But as the idea of establishing my spiritual foundation became more prominent for me, I began “seeing signs’. Some quick background: I had my 2 sons and my soul had been searching for absolute spiritual truth that I can pass on to my children. My faith at the time (Christianity) was no longer resonating with me. To be honest, it never did. But I never questioned it until adulthood & I renounced it shortly after birthing my children.

Anyway, around that time I began ‘seeing signs’ from the Universe in the form of: animals. Animals you say?? That’s right, animals. The first animal that appeared was the camel. I had just finished reading ‘The Alchemist’ and thinking about how perfect nature is. The camel, in my opinion, was especially designed for the desert. At that moment I looked ahead of me to see a car with a camel caravan decal. Shortly afterwards I heard a commercial on the radio & the location (a car dealership) was called Camelback. I couldn’t help but wonder what that meant! I looked up ‘camel symbolism’ and all the sources stated camels symbolize long journeys, primarily spiritual journeys, being resourceful & peaceful throughout all the challenges. The camel was my first spirit guide and it hasn’t been my last. The butterfly, dragonfly, bumblebee, crane, bluebird, penguin, and a few others have entered my life to teach me lessons I need to know during particular moments. And I’ve needed those lessons & reassurances. The Universe sends messages in a multitude of ways. It’s truly up to us to ‘wake up’ & pay attention to what is being delivered.

Peace & Love to you ✨

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