Nurture Thyself

I have come to learn the dire importance of nurturing thyself. It’s an act that most individuals seem to overlook. By definition, to ‘nurture’ means to ‘care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing; help or encourage the development of; cherish (a belief, hope or dream’. Now, considering these 3 primary verbal […]

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Follow the Signs

As I was driving into work the other morning, I had a little companion hitch a ride with me along the way. I turned to my left rearview mirror to see a bumblebee land & attach itself. It moved around, as if to make itself comfortable, and proceeded to just….relax LOL. I looked at the […]

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Greetings! Welcome to Divine Terra 😊🙏âœĻI am pleased that you took the time to explore and learn about the Founder & Creator of Divine Terra, as well as what Divine Terra is all about. I will start by introducing myself – my name is Marita Grimes and I am a single mother of 2 boys […]

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